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Our Final Goodbye

The last time we saw our daughter was in the chapel of rest at the funeral directors, lying peacefully in her beautiful white coffin. We declined the opportunity to see her at first.Adam and I both felt that we wanted to remember her as she had looked when we left her in the hospital.We were told we could visit her at the funeral directors on the Saturday after she’d died, but when we said we didn’t want to, my Mum went instead.She called me afterwards and I was relieved to hear that Madelyn still looked the same as she had when we’d last seen her on the Thursday.It gave me great comfort to know that her Granny had spent more time with her, a little less time spent alone.
Our meeting with the funeral director was on the following Monday afternoon, after what felt like a very long weekend.That morning we had attended an appointment to register Madelyn’s birth and death, something I can’t really remember much of now.I remember being early for our appointment, so we sat in the car liste…